Friday, May 9, 2014

BPI Regular Subscription Plan

If you've been reading this blog or other resources about personal finance you're probably familiar with cost averaging.  If not, you can read my initial post about it here and another post with a detailed example here.

One of the challenges of cost-averaging is finding the time and effort to do it regularly.  (It's a bit like blogging that way.)  Fortunately several banks and financial institutions have introduced mechanisms to make cost-averaging easier.

One of these is BPI's Regular Subscription Plan.  It's a program that allows investors to set an amount and frequency for periodic investments.  Of course this assumes that 1) you have a BPI bank account and 2) you've already invested in at least one of their funds.

Basically, you tell BPI how much and how often you want to invest and the fund you want to invest in then 'forget' about it.  The amount should meet the minimum required, which varies from fund to fund.  The frequency may be monthly or quarterly.  You also specify when the plan should start and end.  For example, you can set your plan to invest P2500 quarterly in their Short-Term fund from June 12, 2014 to June 12, 2024.

You can enroll in a Regular Subscription Plan through BPI branches or online on   If you invest or plan to invest in BPI's funds I think this is a great way to do cost-averaging.  You can learn more by reading the offical FAQs.

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