Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mutual Fund Investment Update

Every month I'll post an update on how my investments are doing.  Remember, this isn't financial advice or endorsement of any product.  Returns are not guaranteed, and there is some risk of loss of investment.

Total Peso amount invested:                    P7000
Number of mutual fund shares owned:     3395
NAVPS (as of September 3, 2010):       P2.2934
Total Peso value of shares:                      3395 shares x P2.2934 = P7786.09
Total time since initial investment:             Approximately three months

I chose the back-end load when I invested.  The above values are not inclusive of any sales load charges.  If I decided to redeem my shares, I'd be charged a certain percentage depending on how long I've had the funds invested.  Also remember that the NAVPS changes everyday, so the gains I've made so far are only on paper and may increase or decrease.
Investing in Mutual Funds

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