Saturday, September 4, 2010

Money Saving Tips

You have to have money to invest money!  No matter what your investment priorities or goals are, it's a good idea to review your finances once in a while to see where your hard-earned money goes.  There are a lot of ways to save money, we just have to make different choices.  Some choices are easier to make than others.  It's easy to tell people how much they can save by giving up their daily cup/s of coffee, but it might be difficult for people to actually do that.
There are still ways to save money without sacrificing your lifestyle.  It can be something as simple as changing light bulbs.  Literally.
I own a small business.  It's open 10 hours a day and uses four 40 watt fluorescent lamps.

So that's 40 watts per lamp x 4 lamps x10 hours = 1600 watt-hours or 1.6 kwh a day.  Multiply by 30 and that's 48 kwh a month to light the store.  At approximately P11 per kwh then P11 x 48 = P528 a month.

I bought four CFLs (compact-fluorescent lamp) and fixtures to replace them.  At 15 watts per CFL they'll cost around P198 a month to run.  That's a difference of P330 a month!  I spent around P300 for everything, even if I paid an electrician P300 to install the lights, it would only take two months to recover the cost.  After that it's almost P4000 in savings a year!
This is a simple, easy change with significant results.  It will probably have a less dramatic effect on your home electric bill since the lights aren't on for as long.  Still, savings are savings.  Just remember to dispose of your lamps properly.

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