Friday, January 28, 2011


The country has been rocked by violent events in recent weeks. This is a difficult time for Filipinos, as many of us feel mixed emotions of anger, fear, and frustration. There are many who see recent events as another reason to leave the country. Others are calling for an iron-fisted response from the government.
My thoughts are disorganized right now, but I just want to express a few thoughts.

1. Leaving the country is a personal decision but I personally want to stay. I made that decision in high school and I want to stick to it. It's true that I have been sorely tempted to go abroad many times since then, but I know I won't be as happy anywhere else as I am here. I believe we can make it as a country, if we really wanted to.

2. I do not believe that draconian measures will help the security situation. These are superficial and might provide a facade of safety, but will not actually make us safer. What we need are well-trained and well-equipped intelligence and police forces who will conduct operations lawfully and respect citizens' rights. Extralegal practices only serve to weaken investigative capability and foster contempt for the law.

3. All citizens have a role to play. We cannot cower in fear nor let apathy take hold. We must be vigilant against further attacks on our society. We must also be vigilant in ensuring that the government conducts a speedy yet thorough investigation. We must accept nothing less than the apprehension of all those responsible for these heinous crimes.

4. However cliche it may sound, we must all pull together. Most of us tend to forget that for many of our countrymen in the provinces violence is a "normal" experience. I know things won't change overnight. It will probably take years, maybe decades, but we must not give in to cynicism and apathy.

Writing this post has been draining, I have to end it abruptly. Share your thoughts.

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