Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mutual Fund Company Roundup 2

The next company in our roundup is Philam Asset Management Inc. They have a lot of mutual funds on offer so I'll just post details on a few of them. Please verify all information with an authorized representative before investing.

Philam Asset Management Inc.

Fund types offered:

Bond Fund


Balanced Fund


Equity Fund


GSIS Balanced Fund


Dollar Bond Fund



Minimum initial investment:

P5000 for Bond and GSIS funds


P10000 for Balanced and Equity funds


$2000 for Dollar Bond Fund



Minimum subsequent investment:

P1000 for Peso funds


$500 for Dollar Bond Fund



Sales load:



Investment Amount:


P5000 to P99,000

2% front-end load (plus VAT)


1.5% front-end load (plus VAT)


1% front-end load (plus VAT)

P2,000,000 and higher

0.5% front-end load (plus VAT)


Shares redeemed within six months of investment date

1% back-end load (plus VAT)

Shares redeemed later than six months after investment date

Zero back-end load



Annual Fee





Philam Asset Management Inc.



Phone Number:


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