Friday, February 11, 2011

Back-end Load Calculator

Here's a back-end sales load calculator to complement the front-end load calculator. Enter values for the number of shares to be redeemed, the sales load rate, NAVPS, and the tax rate (optional, default is 12%). Click the calculate button to get the amount redeemed.

Variable Value
Shares Redeemed
Sales Load (in percent)
Tax Rate on Sales Load, default is 12%
Value of Shares
Sales Load Charge + Tax
Net Amount Redeemed

I want to redeem 1000 shares at a NAVPS of P2.50. The back-end sales load is 2%, which is taxed by a VAT of 12%. The redemption amount itself is not taxed.
One thousand shares multiplied by P2.50 is P2500.
P2500 x 2% = P50
P50 x 12% = P6
So the total amount redeemed is P2500 - P56 = P2444

Also check out the Front-end load calculator and calculator page.

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