Friday, February 4, 2011

Front-end Load Calculator

Here's a calculator for computing front end sales loads. Enter values (without commas or other symbols) for the investment amount, sales load rate, tax rate (optional, default is 12%) and the NAVPS then click the Calculate button. Clicking the Reset button will clear the values. See below for an example.

Variable Value
Investment Amount
Sales Load (in percent)
Tax Rate on Sales Load, default is 12%
Sales Load charge + Tax
Net Investment
Shares Bought

I want to invest P2000 at a NAVPS of P2.50. The front-end sales load is 2%. So I type 2000, 2, and 2.5 in the boxes for Investment Amount, Sales Load, and NAVPS respectively. I leave the Tax Rate box blank since the default value, 12%, is the correct one. Mutual fund investments and redemptions are not taxed in the Philippines, but a value-added tax of 12% is imposed on sales loads.
So the sales load charge is 2000 x 2% = 40. The tax on that is 40 x 12% =4.80. So the total amount to be subtracted from the P2000 investment is P44.80. That leaves P1955.20 to be invested. Divide that by the NAVPS of P2.50 and you get 782, which is the number of shares bought.

Click here to read another front-end load example.

Try the back-end load calculator. Both calculators can be found on the mutual fund calculators page.

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