Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mutual Fund Investment, November 2010

I invested P2000 this month instead of my usual P1000/month. I wasn't able to invest last month so I made up for it by doubling the investment amount. The stock market hasn't been doing so well lately. That works for me in the short term since that means I can buy mutual fund shares at a cheaper price. It also made me realize the value of having several investments instead of putting all my money in one place. I've been thinking of investing in a Bond fund or a Balanced fund, perhaps with a different mutual fund company. The potential returns are lower but the prices will probably less volatile. First of course, I have to find the extra income to invest!
One thing I'm interested in is earning an income on the Internet. In a previous post I talked about making money on Squidoo. I haven't made a significant amount there yet, but every little bit helps. Earning online doesn't require a monetary investment as it does an investment of time and effort. This is the opposite of my mutual fund investment, which is mostly "set and forget". I'm hoping that combination will help me achieve my goals.

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