Thursday, March 13, 2014

New investment: BPI Short Term Fund

New post, hooray!

After a couple of years I was finally able to invest again.  This time I decided to try BPIs UITF offerings.  I needed a fund where I could park money relatively safely.  I say relatively since it isn't a bank deposit and therefore isn't insured by the PDIC.

I chose the BPI Short Term Fund.  According to the description
It is suitable for investors with a moderately conservative risk profile and those with short-term liquidity requirements.
which I interpret to mean "it's good for money you can't afford to lose (money you might need in the near future)".  It also means the gains are going to be made very slowly.  Some people would say that the combination of BPIs conservatism and a conservative fund means that it's going to be very very slow.  That's okay though, this fund is for building slowly.  I plan on investing in more aggressive funds in the near future (I hope).

What I like about this fund:
  1. Low initial participation: P10,000
  2. Low additional participation: P1,000
  3. No minimum holding period
  4. Low fee: 0.5% per annum

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